Simon & Cath Fogarty

After significant research and interviews, my wife and I decided to award our re-cladding project to Forme Reclad. Because of the experience that we had over the preceding sixyears, this was a majordecisionfor us. Of the contractors that we considered and investigated, It was Forme Reclad who impressed us the most. We decided to entrust the re-cladding of our home to that company.

Because Forme Reclad’s owners are also experienced builders, they were able to add a lot of value to our project. Not only did they provide helpful advice and solutions such as timber treatment tests,they also linked us with third parties such as architects and floor sanders etc.

Due to the skills, hardwork,commitment and dedication of the FormeReclad team, we now have astunning family home, that my wife and I are proud of and our amazing children love to come home to.

I am also pleased to say that because of Forme Reclad, we got our Code of ComplianceCertificatefrom council, but even better, we got our lives back!