Commercial Recladding

Commercial buildings that house either residential tenants or business tenants suffer in the same way as residential homes do in regards to water ingress. The value as a living space or as a business space is limited depending on the amount of visible damage internally and externally.

After 15+ years of living with leaky buildings we can all spot them, and most families and businesses do not want any involvement with them and thus shy away from purchasing or leasing them

Commercial buildings that suffer from water ingress through substandard cladding junctions and or poor maintenance reishemes resulting in structural damage, mould growth and a potentially unsafe living and or work spaces, will often sit empty until repairs can be made.

Being experts in residential recladding, we can help you repair or avoid these problems totally and protect both the buildings as well as the residents inside. Our services include both residential and commercial recladding, residential and commercial remediation, full house renovations and building external structures like decks and living areas.

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