Auckland Property management Ltd is the Body Corporate for a number of Bodies Corporate that have undertaken or are in the process of undertaking or are in the process of undertaking the repairs on their respective properties. Of the i have been the administrator for six multi unit properties ranging from 26 – 153 units, that have or are in the process of repairs.

I have personally worked with five of the major building companies in Auckland that are involved in this type of work and i would not recommended some of these companies. But would not hesitate to recommend Forme and Chris Davis to you.

Being the Body Corporate Secretary, I do not have a say in which building company owners choose to use. But following Forme’s involvement in a 40 unit property of apartments and town house in Birdwood Crescent, Parnell that i manage. I can highly recommended them to you; i have found him pro active and quite frankly honest in his dealing with owners. He has consistently made time to be on site answering question solving problem keeps things moving. Equally importantly been completed to solve problems or disputes, that in many cases where not of his making. I have found other building companies aftercare work at best poor and at worst no better than the original developer or builders.

Whilst i am sure that there will be much disruption, conflict and bridges to cross as you undertake these repairs. Dealing with a company where you are speaking to the person in charge, who can answer questions and importantly solve problem quickly, will save much stress.