Over the past 15 years, Forme Reclad has worked with over 650 leaky homes, apartment complexes and townhouses and helped make them weather-tight and safe from water damage. This vast experience with recladding, mould remediation and renovations has built us a reputation for quality and timeliness. And behind it are our skilled and dedicated project teams that handle it all.

Being experts at weather-tight rebuilds and fixing leaky building syndrome, we’ve established ourselves within the market and forged strong relationships with leading architects, building surveying consultancies and local authorities. Unlike other players in the industry, we don’t outsource our work, and our carpentry is completed by our own competent, hardworking crew.

Besides, we not only understand the pain leaky buildings can cause but also the discomfort caused during treatment or rebuild process. This is why we work with you, your family, teams and clients to ensure that the whole process is as non-intrusive and smooth as possible.


01 - STANDALONE Buildings

All kinds of independent residential and commercial properties 

02 - Multi-unit Properties

Townhouses, larger commercial buildings and multi-storey apartment buildings

02 - Multi-unit