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When it became obviousI was going to need to re-clad my highly spec’d built home the first thing I did was go straight to a number ofAuckland Council team leaders. These were the guys responsible for carrying out the inspection & approval process for building consents.I wanted to find out in their minds which companies were achieving good work, knew what they were doing and were meeting completion date timelines.

This is the general feedback I was given regarding Forme-Reclad.

These guys know what they are doing.

They have done around 100 re-clads and have been around a long time We find their work easy to inspect and approved

They have a well-oiled team with solid systems in placeI had the luxury of being able to be on-site for at least 3 hours of every day from start to finish and by the end of the first week it was clear that each member of the team knew exactly what they were doing, were very, very hard workers, really nice guys and had a real attention to detail

.There are still companies out there that are producing horror stories of excessive budget blowouts and poor workmanship so it’s important to use a company with this type of building experience.I think there will always be additional costs due to some unforeseen cost here or there(in my case it turned out the showers were leaking and needed to be rebuilt. Not something able to be detected until the walls came down) but the additional costs were clearly documented. Take their advice in choosing an architect.It’s as important as the company that does the re-build.I did and the architect was brilliant.The job finished one week earlier than quoted and I write this letter8 weeks after the completion of my re-build and the house looks sensational and has re-gained its value in the market and I have complete confidence each time it rains that it’s now bullet proof for the future.

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