Reviews/client testimonials

Kishor Mehta

During our first meeting at site, Chris explained us all about the recladding process and offered us to help with FAP process. The quality of the work is excellent and of high quality. during the building process, Shane was available to meet us on a regular basis to discuss any concern we may have regarding the project. the building team was very supportive and helpful throughout the process. It was a happy experience to work with dedicated company which thrives on a quality and customer satisfaction concept. the whole project was managed in a professional manner. We are very pleased with quality of the finished project. We have no hesisation in recommending Forme Reclad to anyone for similar type of work.

Carl and Eija

Chris and Shanewere always readily available to answer any questions and Shane even came upwith ways to save money after construction had begun. The same core group of 5-6 carpenters werekept as a team on our house for the duration of the job. A special mention must goto Adam the Foreman on our job. He introduced himself to the all ofneighbours prior to the job starting and took into consideration noise and the kindergarten on oneside of the property. Adam was always available, pleasant and patient when answering mylaypersons questions. He organised the sub–contractors and council inspectors extremely well. All in all Formereclad did a very professional job and my wife and I are very happy with our “new”weathertight home. We would not hesitate in recommending Forme to help move somebodythrough the leaky home nightmare.

D.M. & J.R Marsden

Our stucco home had been built on a design and build basis by Universal HomesLtd in 2001 and in 2009 was declared a “leaky home” on the basis of a Dept. of Building and Housing report .We were naturally distressed, emotionally and financially, and enlisted the aid of Sketch Architecture (Architect) and an independent building consultant (Origin Building ConsultantsLtd) to control and supervise the recladding of our home using weatherboard. From a personal point of view, we have been extremely pleased with the co-operative and pleasant manner in which we were treated by Forme staff at all stages of the process. The quality of the workmanship has exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to their support through the ensuing steps in the process through Conciliation and Arbitration. We have been extremely grateful for thequality support given by the Forme team that has significantly reduced the stress levels involved in the reclad process of our home. Should aprospective client wish to discuss any aspect of this reference or view the property,we would be happy for that to happen at a time arranged through a member of Forme Management.  

Peter Dawson

From the principles Chris clear and easily understood and the professional and caring as they treated the site and the project as if it were their own. They wen out of their way to make the construction process as painless as possible for us and assisted us in making day to day decisions. They established a good rapport with the local council inspector who endorsed the quality of their workmanship. Forme really did restore the value back into my home and transformed into one of the nicest homes in the street.

Simon & Cath Fogarty

After significant research and interviews, my wife and I decided to award our re-cladding project to Forme Reclad. Because of the experience that we had over the preceding sixyears, this was a majordecisionfor us. Of the contractors that we considered and investigated, It was Forme Reclad who impressed us the most. We decided to entrust the re-cladding of our home to that company. Because Forme Reclad’s owners are also experienced builders, they were able to add a lot of value to our project. Not only did they provide helpful advice and solutions such as timber treatment tests,they also linked us with third parties such as architects and floor sanders etc. Due to the skills, hardwork,commitment and dedication of the FormeReclad team, we now have astunning family home, that my wife and I are proud of and our amazing children love to come home to. I am also pleased to say that because of Forme Reclad, we got our Code of ComplianceCertificatefrom council, but even better, we got our lives back!  

Michael & Hannah Bain

We are particularly gratefull to John Rafaelii, as site Manager, and the team that worked on site, for the consideration they showed to our family as we lived in part of the house during the reclad. They were always courteous and helpful, keeping our needs in minds as they got on with the job. John did really well keeping us advised of progress and was always very approachable and willing to explain parts of the job when we had queries. We have also really appreciated the speed in which work was completed. it was apparent to us that in using FormeReclad we were using a company that had built a positive working with Council, whoch was very beneficial to our project. Thanks also to you for your help in completing paperwork for the Financial assistance Package that we entered into with the Ministry. We appreciate the time that you are willing to give in helping us sort this out. We are absolutely stoked with the final result of the clad. The FormeReclad team have been great to work with and we would happily recommend them for any recladding project.

Angela and Andrew Chong

The team working on our house not only worked on high standard, they were respectfull and responsive to our queries. Nothing was a problem or too much trouble. We were welcomed when visiting the site and readily informed on the rpogress of the works given as much information as we wanted. The guys were courteous with the neighbours and we received feedback that the distruption to our neighbours was minimal. The house feels like a new house again and the disappointment and lack of pride in our home has been repaired with the completion of the works. We are very pleased to have the best looking house on the street with those around us envious and keen to follow to suit. Our experience with FORME has been great and we are pleased we chose them to make right our house.

Dave Cogan

“These guys know what they are doing” They have done around 100 re-clads and have been around a long time We find their work easy to inspect and approved They have a well-oiled team with solid systems in placeI had the luxury of being able to be on-site for at least 3 hours of every day from start to finish and by the end of the first week it was clear that each member of the team knew exactly what they were doing, were very, very hard workers, really nice guys and had a real attention to detail The job finished one week earlier than quoted and I write this letter weeks after the completion of my re-build and the house looks sensational and has re-gained its value in the market and I have complete confidence each time it rains that it’s now bullet proof for the future.

Joan and Mike lynch

From our first meeting with Chris, we felt confident that we had finally found the right company to reclad our home, When first confronted with the devastating news that your home is leaky you are totally confused with all experts telling you a different story and the varience in what it is likely to cost you. Forme-reclas were recommended to us and we are completely happy with all they have done. We feel they are fair and honest to deal with and the team we had, led by Mark, were wonderfull. We lived in our home while the work was being done and all the boys were great to have ground. They were all very respectfull and considerate to us. We would without hesitation recommend Forme-reclad. They have the experience, expertise and good sub contractor contacts who have all done a great job for us.   Thank you Joan and Mike Lynch

Kaizon Ltd

Kaizon limited is a specialist firm of building surveyors who design and administer the leaky building remedial process. We have worked with Forme on several projects and have found both the management/ownership team and the onsite projects to be professional and exteremly skilled. Forme’s projects are generally delivered on time and inside the agreed financial parameters. We have a good working relationship with this organisation and find their communication to be of an excellent standard. Forme employs a skilled team of construction staff and as such we have found the quality of their finished product to surpass the specification requirements. Kaizon would not hesitate to recommended to recommended Forme to any Body corporate, consultancy or similar service provider.

Maynard marks ltd

I write to confirm that Maynard Marks are currently working with Forme on more than one project. I am personally closing out a refurbishment of 58 townhouses in Epsom which was split into three stages.The approximate construction value is $14m. This project has been delivered on time by Forme with a very effective site team and clearly good relationships with their sub-contractors. They have taken on a lot of extra minor works requested by individual owners without fuss. For me have acted as part of the team to try and overcome issues as they have arisen on site in order to mitigate impacts on the client. I am looking forward to working with them again on another project.

Boutique Body Corporate Limited

We have been requested by Forme to provide a reference in relation to capability to manage the repair process of leaky buildings. In this respect we confirm: We are a specialist Body Corporate Secretary who has been involved in over 60 remediation works to date. We are delighted to have met Forme in relation to the repair of a smaller complex, 8 units, at 111 Church Street. Forme did an exemplary job on the project, finishing within a few days of the forecast programme and under budget. Their timeliness and cost effectiveness were particularly impressive when there were a couple of major novel issues involved with the works, including the craning in of the end wall of two units which could not practically be remediated in situ because of access problems and the walls were constructed onsite. The walls were lifted over the balance of the buildings into place, and then bolted from the inside. We could not speak more highly of their staff and personnel who communicated well with owners and ourselves throughout the process. We would have no hesitation in recommending Forme to any Body Corporate and are pleased to note that another one of our Body Corporates is in the process of concluding a contract with them.Should you require any additional information or detail, we would be happy to supply this.


Forme Developments Limited (Chris Davis) have successfully completed several large re-clad apartment projects associated with our consultancy company. We have found them to be excellent process (where applicable) involved with re-clads. They fulfil all their responsibilities related to the contract to the contract in a professional manner. We would not hesitate in recommending Forme Developments Limited for the future work.


Auckland Property management Ltd is the Body Corporate for a number of Bodies Corporate that have undertaken or are in the process of undertaking or are in the process of undertaking the repairs on their respective properties. Of the i have been the administrator for six multi unit properties ranging from 26 – 153 units, that have or are in the process of repairs. I have personally worked with five of the major building companies in Auckland that are involved in this type of work and i would not recommended some of these companies. But would not hesitate to recommend Forme and Chris Davis to you. Being the Body Corporate Secretary, I do not have a say in which building company owners choose to use. But following Forme’s involvement in a 40 unit property of apartments and town house in Birdwood Crescent, Parnell that i manage. I can highly recommended them to you; i have found him pro active and quite frankly honest in his dealing with owners. He has consistently made time to be on site answering question solving problem keeps things moving. Equally importantly been completed to solve problems or disputes, that in many cases where not of his making. I have found other building companies aftercare work at best poor and at worst no better than the original developer or builders. Whilst i am sure that there will be much disruption, conflict and bridges to cross as you undertake these repairs. Dealing with a company where you are speaking to the person in charge, who can answer questions and importantly solve problem quickly, will save much stress.

Leuschke group

Forme Developments Ltd worked with Leuschke Group Ltd as the building contractor for refurbishment work on a multi-uni development, in Parnell. The project was initially for roof extension and replacement but extended to significant facade restoration, including the complete reclad of one block and replacing the rear wall of another. The work was carried out whilst the majority of the units were occupied. We found Forme to have particular skill in managing this type of construction and their reclad experience enabled the work to be carried out quickly and efficiently. In a situation that was obviously stressful for the unit owners, Forme did an excellent job dealing with their various concerns and differing requirements, whilst at the same time progressing the work expeditiously with as minimal disruption to the overall development as possible, in the circumstances. Forme proved to be reliable, well organised and very competent builders, producing a good quality and results and we would have no hesitation in using them again on future projects.

Sonia & Clinton Walker

Forme undertook our re-clad project which commenced in August 2010. The project was estimated to take 11 weeks from start to finish and this is exactly the time it took to complete with Chris and his team pushing hard to ensure it was completed on due date as we had fixed term rental accommodation which could not be extended. Our Site Manager was Rupert and we could not have asked for a more helpful, pleasant person to run the job. The job was completed, on time and on budget. The only over-runs were items that we suggested ourselves, or great suggestions from Chris or Rupert to improve the property which only became apparent as the work progressed. We were kept informed during the whole processand were always made to feel welcome on site.We found real pleasure to assist with what is a fairly harrowing and emotional time. We are absolutely delighted with the end result and would thorough recommend Chris, Shane and their teams.

Ian Harris

Forme Reclad were contracted to undertake the repair of 58 leaky townhouses at Stoneybrook, Greenlane, Epsom.  For the duration of their contract the body corporate could not have wanted for a better company to undertake this work. Forme’s management team were flexible, proactive, responsive, eager to work in our partnership and easy to deal with on all contract negotiation matters. Forme have strong site management teams and all owners were most complimentary on the quality of finishing at the completion of the project. I would be more than happy to recommend this firm for similar refurbishment work.

Grant Gallaher

“Right from the first meeting we knew we were dealing with company that knew exactly what they were doing and had the ability to get things done… We were impressed with their proactive problem solving approach and their amazing attention to design detail”

Wayne Houston

I have worked closely with Forme Reclad over many projects from smaller scale single dwellings to large multi apartment blocks and they impress me with their organisation and enthusiasm for the building industry. They have a recognised team approach of working collaboratively with consultants, on site forman, suppliers and trades people providing a smoothly running project where all act promptly for the best outcome. Preliminary estimates are carried out on early drawings and updated on the building consent drawings where required to keep clients fully advised financially. Things are done promptly and on time. The old adage, ‘my word is my bond’ fits well here. With Over 650 re-clads to date their experience in this sector is unparalleled.